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Raft  the Hoh River  with  Pat Neal

Take a white water rafting trip down the beautiful Hoh River with Wilderness Gossip Columnist, Fishing Guide and Hoh River Rafters LLC owner Pat Neal this summer. It's hard to beat a day on the river, meeting folks from around the world, and experiencing the landscape from a whole new angle. We raft the upper Hoh River during the summer months floating through a temperate rainforest observing wildlife, massive trees and the amazing forces of nature at work on a wild river.

Elk crossing Hoh River
Rafting the Hoh River
Guide Dan Boyd
Happy family on the Hoh
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What to expect?

What's a class II rafting tour like?

We currently offer two half day tour possibilities.  The cost is $100 per person. You will meet your guide at 9am or 2pm, receive the gear needed, listen to a safety briefing, drive to the river (a couple mile commute) and meet your boat.  After receiving a paddle and launching your tour will drift through the deltas and valleys of the Hoh.  The class II river requires no experience, just willingness to follow paddle commands to navigate the river. Splashes will happen!  A van brings paddlers back to their starting point (4883 Upper Hoh Rd, Forks WA 98331) 

What should I bring?
A good attitude!!! You should always be prepared for all types of weather. That means never wear cotton! Wear layers of polypropylene, wool, or fleece over a bathing suit. Sunscreen is a great idea. Make sure that you have had something to eat and drink before your trip so you are feeling your best. A towel might be helpful after your trip. A water-proof camera is also an awesome idea so that you can capture some of those memories. Sunglasses might be helpful, but be sure they are on a leash.  Water sandals are best, but sneakers are fine too, your feet will get wet for sure.

What equipment do you provide?
All rafters will receive the following equipment for the trip:
PFD (formerly known as a life jacket)

Helmet (optional)

How cold is the water?
The Hoh River ranges from 40F-51F.  We begin offering trips in March, a relatively rainy season, and end around Sept 1, the river is warmer and receding to it's lowest levels in the fall.

Who is going to be my guide?
Our guides are nearly all locals, so you can ask away; they know the area history, geology, and current events. They are happy to share. Our guides have been through intensive hands-on safety training and are required to have current First-Aid credentials.

Are there any good places to eat in the area?
We recommend the Hard Rain Café, located on the Upper Hoh Rd (beef and veggie burgers)

Cancellation Policy?

Hoh River Rafters reserves the right to cancel trips for any reason.  While it is unlikely, weather and river conditions can change quickly and cause short-notice cancellations, they result in FULL REFUNDS.  If clients' plans change there will be a full refund as long as 48 hours advance notice is observed.  Anything less than 48 hours notice will result in a 50% of trip price charge, without exception.  The only acceptable cancellation or date/time change method is via phone with management, email,text, and voicemail aren't accepted.

Where can we find more information on washington state tourism?
Washington state travel, specifically on the Olympic Peninsula, is best researched via or, or call us, we would be happy to answer your questions! 

For information on fishing on the Olympic Peninsula:

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Why do people visit the Hoh Valley every year?  Because we need a "break" from our busy lives, somewhere where the cell phone doesn't work and the nearest traffic jam is a day's drive away.  That's why we're here, so you escape from the car, phone and rush...and get to know your family again.  Paddle a raft guided by a local, skip some rocks and wonder at nature's beauty, TOGETHER.

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